As with many people, the idea of visiting a Dentist and under going treatment is something that can bring forward memories of negative experiences we had as children or indeed, even as adults.​
These fears often rather than dissipating with time, actually increase resulting in a snowball effect that renders the patient extremely fearful of even making an appointment.

We at Enhance Dental Care are very empathetic to these feelings and work hard as a team to ease anyone dealing with those types of concerns. The treatment is made as painless as we can and every effort is made to nudge the patient along one step at a time, and thus eroding away gently many of the causes that are connected to those anxieties. 

The environment created in the Practice in regards to colour schemes and wall murals to the tone of our staff, all lend themselves to a warm and safe place for a stranger to become a life long patient.
So successful of engineering this transition in anxious patients, we have had several people who entered the surgey full of nerves, then exit afterwords smiling from ear to ear proclaiming their disbelief in the transformation.

All in all, Enhance Dental Care is the practice you or your family want to come to if any of these concerns are relatable.